Dark Navy Wedding Suit

Client Joe W worked with McGregor in our San Francisco office to make a beautiful dark navy custom Zegna suit for his destination wedding in pristine Canada. 

The "John Wick 2" Suit

Like the all black custom suit featured in John Wick 2? 

In the follow-up sequel to the hit Keanu Reeves film "John Wick", the title character's costume wardrobe receives a bit more attention than what's typically offered to men's suits on celluloid.

Wick's visit to the tailor is exaggerated (you'd be hard-pressed to find a tailor to rush your order of two suits overnight), but the all black 3-piece suits worn by him actually offers good guidelines if you're looking to achieve a similar outfit:

The color of the "black" suits worn by Wick actually varies quite a bit throughout the film. Some of this is due to lighting, but looking over production stills and promotional photos, the fabric used seems to either be regular "black" or shades of extremely dark charcoal. The weaves typically look like a plain weave (i.e., twill) and not one that would be reflective (i.e., sharkskin, herringbone). 

We would recommend either a black twill from Vitale Barberis Canonico or one of Ermenegildo Zegna's newly developed Deep Black fabrics, which are dyed using a new process to achieve an even darker shade of black. After an exceptional drape? Perhaps consider Loro Piana's Winter Tasmanian Super 150s in a 340-gram weight. 

John Wick also has a few preferences for his suits, asking for 2-button fronts, tapered trousers and body-armor liners (which wouldn't be very breathable and probably quite stiff to wear in reality).

John Wick wears both black and charcoal suits that feature both slim notch and regular notch lapels with monochromatic clothing underneath.

John Wick wears both black and charcoal suits that feature both slim notch and regular notch lapels with monochromatic clothing underneath.

Other noticeable details include full pickstitching, flap pockets, dual rear vents and slimmer lapels. On the trousers, no cuffs are worn. And while Wick wears a belt with his 3-piece suit, we typically would forgo the belt in favor of side-adjuster straps for a cleaner look.  

John Wick's vest as part of his 3-piece suit varies in a few details. The photo above features a waistcoat with lapels. Other production photos show him wearing vest without lapels with the number of buttons ranging between 4 and 6. Regardless, the vest fits close to the chest and uses the same dark black buttons as his suit. 

To complete the look of John Wick's outfit, stick to monochromatic tones -- notice his black silk necktie and grey dress shirt (with a collar bar, no less). And, of course, black shoes would be the only appropriate choice with an all-black suit. 

Shirt Box 1 2017

Founders Richard Hall and McGregor Madden designed these 3 shirts for Box 1 of 2017. All quarterly subscribers will receive a box of the same 3 dress shirts that fit great and are both office and casual appropriate. 

Navy brown small check (LT-31)

The perfect shirt to wear without a necktie under a solid navy blazer or with a more casual suit. In a natural complimentary color combination of blue and brown, it's simple to layer under sweaters and with your favorite jeans or khakis. Consider experimenting with a solid brown silk knit tie, too. 

Blue White Twill Stripe (LT-32)

 A classic business casual shirt and we've added a pocket to stash your phone or sunglasses. Wear this shirt with traditional club or repp stripe ties under a suit in any grey or blue shade. Take note of the fabric, too, with it's extra soft hand that's finished for an incredible touch. 

Navy Double Windowpane (LT-33)

A bit heftier fabric that feels like a microlight flannel, but strikes a dressier tone. The 2 cm wide windowpane features a dual pindot pattern that is uniquely suited to work in casual and formal contexts. Pair with a dark necktie for a more formal look as an alternative to a plain white shirt. Or wear with a bold geometric necktie under a sport coat for a more sophisticated approach. 

Want to start receiving a box of 3 shirts quarterly?

Zegna Spring Summer 2017 Designer Suiting

Learn about the Spring Summer 2017 Zegna designer suiting, blazer, and jacket collections online or in your one-on-one appointment:

Proper Suit Rebrands to Hall Madden

In 2009 McGregor Madden and I had a goal to make you the best custom suit in the simplest and most informative way possible. Thousands of clients later, we realize that this platform of simplicity and expertise should apply to all menswear products. Welcome to Hall Madden, your menswear solution.

Proper Suit clients can still order anytime; your measurements are safely saved.

Several Products we are Excited About for 2017


After being asked by virtually every groom and businessman where to go to find timeless, well-made shoes at a fair price, we've finally gone and done our own. We’ll have three tiers of dress shoes, each made in Italy.

Launching February 2017

Ready Made Suits

The complaints we've heard about off-the-rack suits are immeasurable. From fit, to fabric, to price, we have especially heard this from grooms who are looking for affordable options for groomsmen. We've taken our years of experience in the suiting industry to come up with the greatest off-the-rack suiting solution.

Launching March 2017

Custom Shirts

Our most-requested addition is finally coming. We’ll be using a template-based approach for our shirts similar to our suits and using the same AutoCAD technology to create the best fitting shirts possible. Merge that with the best cotton in the world and you've got a win-win. Custom shirts will start at $150 and must be purchased in quantities of 4. 

Launching April 2017