Blue Navy Suit

While most men tend to think of the blue navy suit as a basic worsted wool woven tightly, there’s actually a lot of possibilities beyond that. First, consider weaves: twill, sharkskin, birdseye, herringbone, fresco — all offer different sheens and visual depth. Next, consider pattern: plain, windowpane, prince of Wales check, pinstripe — all can offer complexity and greater range of color and tone beyond a single yarn color. Finally, texture: flannel, worsted, hopsack, slubby linen blends, tightly woven cotton gabardines — all can have a different effect on the drape and hand feel of the garment. At Hall Madden, we can help take all the complexity out of picking the right navy blue suit for you at your appointment. Just book with us today and we’ll be able to help sort it all out for you.

Choose from hundreds of blue suit fabrics during your one-on-one custom suit appointment.