Blue Suit

Our most popular suit color choice is probably blue for first time clients. It’s easy to imagine why. Which not as dark and serious as a navy, it’s also not quite a bland as grey. Plus, there’s rarely a client who doesn’t look good in a blue suit. Blue suits also have the advantage of being split into a blazer in a pinch to be worn with jeans, chinos or a grey trouser, whereas grey suits cannot be “divorced” so easily. Additionally, blue suits take on a wide variety of furnishings in terms of neckties, pocket squares and dress shirts. The always classic white shirt and red tie works well for business. But consider pastels for spring-summer events and a simple grey-silver tie for evenings. For footwear, black is obvious for conservative meetings, but a range of browns and tans also can work quite well. And don’t forget oxblood for something truly different. We offer a wide range of brilliant blue suit options at all price ranges.

See our VBC 110s Perennials, VBC 150s Revenge, Zegna Traveller and Loro Piana Super 150s Tasmanian for an example of blue suiting options.

Choose from hundreds of blue suit fabrics during your one-on-one custom suit appointment.