Custom Casual Menswear

Hall Madden is a lifestyle. And we offer a lot more than business suits and tuxedos.

We offer garments like unconstructed blazers using jersey stretch knit fabrics in cottons and wools and also a wide variety of linen dress shirts to short sleeved custom shirts and golf shorts. You name it we can most likely do it.

Our custom suits are usually the first item a new client commissions. But close to 90% of all new clients come back and commission a more day-to-day item like a flannel sport coat or winter overcoat within 12 months.

Our goal is to make garments that are in client’s wardrobes for generations. Timeless pieces crafted specifically to the client.


blazers & sportcoats

Experiment with cotton, linen, silk, and wool blends to achieve your luxurious yet casual look in a sport coat.

Custom fit

Maintain optimal comfort with custom made clothing just for you. Try our custom cotton chinos for ultimate comfort and luxury.

Menswear Expert

Collaborate with your menswear expert in a one on one appointment on blazers, pants, dress shirts, shoes and more.


Casual Fabric Collections We Like