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Custom shirt FAQs

Pricing: We offer two tiers of fabrics: standard and luxury. Standard shirting is one for $250 or 4 for $600. Luxury shirting is one for $400 or 4 for $1000 and includes fabrics from Loro Piana, Thomas Mason, Canclini and Albini. All first-time orders include complimentary trial shirt. 

Timeline: Trial shirt arrives in 2-3 weeks. Final order arrives another 2-3 weeks after trial shirt fitting. First shirt fittings typically take 10-20 minutes.

Design options: Multiple types of collars, cuffs and plackets. Contrast threads and various colored buttons can be chosen. Split-back yoke, darts and back pleats also available. Something specific in mind? Ask!

Fitting adjustments: We can adjust for shoulder posture, neck height, high "drop", different sleeve lengths, armhole height and more. Your fit specialist will go over each detail during your fitting.