Dark Brown Suit

“No brown in town,” the words often said as a rule for where it’s appropriate to wear brown suits and shoes in England. This oversimplification isn’t necessarily wrong, however, it’s a bit outdated. Admittedly, brown suits aren’t anywhere near as popular of a choice as the dominant greys and blues our clients often pick. But when you have a wardrobe of greys and blues, it’s perhaps time to consider brown. While often a great — and popular — choice for a sport jacket color, brown is slightly unconventional as a suit. For one, fabric mills rarely make many choices available. And given the common dress code of suits at the office is filled with blues and greys, it can feel out of place to wear a brown suit. So, where to wear one? We think they make a great choice for those in creative fields where a dark conservative business suit might be too stuffy. Also, we like brown suits for events, like an outdoor wedding with a rustic theme. And we think in the right weave — sharkskin or herringbone — a brown suit can be an exciting choice for a evening lounge suit, worn with a white shirt and black silk knit tie and black loafers or chelsea boots.

For some intriguing options in shades of brown, check out the Loro Piana Pecora Nera suiting collection, which features fabric made from undyed black sheep’s wool.

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