Double Breasted Suit

The double breasted suit is a unique option for clients at Hall Madden who want a style that stands out with a nod toward the past when this cut was more common. While typically thought of as more “formal” than a single-breasted suit, the double-breasted suit is actually considered more casual because it features more buttons and therefore is more complex and casual. Regardless, its rarity today makes it seem more imposing and thus many shy away from commissioning one for themselves. Still, we like the double breasted suit for several reasons. First, the peak lapels broaden your chest and the button stance narrows your waist visually, giving you a more masculine frame. Second, the double-breasted suit is a natural pick for pinstripe fabrics and bold windowpanes, allowing for the patterns to have ample room to be seen uninterrupted. Finally, wearing a double breasted suit sets the wearer apart from his contemporaries, simply because you cannot find them off the rack. It’s a not-so-subtle way of displaying your suits are custom made rather than bought at a department store. Our recommendation: try a double breasted suit in a heavier weight flannel for winter or a year-round weight pinstripe. We’d even suggest this model as a great way to experiment with pleated trousers as the pleats won’t be visible while they’re hidden by the jacket’s front. The double-breasted jacket also makes for a great blazer, just consider using patch rounded pockets to make it more casual.

See our clients in double-breasted suits here for more inspiration and then click here to book an appointment.