Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna fabric is preferred among businessmen for its durability and grace.

Browse our Zegna collection online or during your appointment. Existing clients may purchase remotely. All Zegna suiting comes with our handmade construction.


Traveller 4 Seasons

This easily wearable fabric is presented in a more prestige version in Superfine pure wool with diagonal weaves. The yarn has been twisted to produce a crispier drape and provides excellent crease resistance, making it perfect for travel or long work days. Simply hang the garment and it’ll recover its shape.

Traveller Winter

Using the long fibers of Superfine Australian wool long associated with the best-selling Traveller collections, this collection brings in more darker and seasonally appropriate tones with a slightly heavier weight wool. This collection gives a great amount of versatility and new patterns beyond the basics.

Traveller-Silk 4 Seasons

A blend of Australian Superfine wool and silk, this collection’s crisp feel and clean aspects make it an ideal fabric for those on the move and yet always want to be elegant while comfortable. Using the same high-twist yarns of the Traveller collection, the added silk provides a sheen and glimmer beyond pure wool.

Electa Winter

Bringing together elegance and innovation, this collection takes the Superfine merino wools Zegna is known for using and produces them in a heavier 10-ounce, 310-gram weight that drapes extremely well. Yet, the fabric retains its silky texture through its fine weave and has natural stretch to make for a comfortable suit. A great collection for business suit wearers.

Cool Effect Sun Reflecting

Technology and tailoring combine in this collection to produce fabrics that reduces the absorbed sun rays allowing for even dark-colored suits to be worn in the summer heat. This breathable, plain weave is woven in Superfine pure wool that allows maximum air passage with a good amount of drape despite the light wight.


A lighter version of the classic Trofeo, this collection's fabric features a worsted and smooth finish and a satin appearance in a weight for the warmer spring and summer months. Made from long and soft wool fibers from the best Australian breeders, the fineness becomes evident in handling the weave. Featuring new checked patterns along side classic suiting weaves, this bunch also contains a few bright and bold colors for a modern appeal.

Trofeo 600 Summer

A smart and brilliantly colored version of the Trofeo namesake collection. Beginning with the top-tier Superfine Australian merino wool and adding extra-fine silk 600 filament -- the finest yarn in the world. This seasonal bunch has a refined look and bright appearance with minimal weight perfect for the warm weather, but sacrificing none of the elegance. Consider this a luxury upgrade to the existing Trofeo line.

Trofeo Winter

Renowned for its softness and refined finishing, this collection uses the prestige quality Superfine Australian merino long-fiber wool alongside the best cashmere in a blend that’s as stunning as it is soft to the hand. Continuously innovated over 50 years, the Trofeo collection brings modern techniques to classic patterns.

Heritage Winter Flannels

Not limited by the dictates of fashion, the fabrics of this collection bases its strength on the classic patterns kept in the historical archives of the Zegna mill. These patterns have been recreated using modern techniques to mill soft and warm flannel fabrics produced in Superfine Australian wool that have exceptional depth.

I Preziosi 15 MILMIL 15

The best of the best. Fabric produced only from wool fibers with a diameter of 15 microns (or a quarter of the width of a human hair), this exclusive collection represents the pinnacle of luxury from Zegna. The softest hand producing not just superior drape but a touch more memorable than any suit you’ve worn before.

I Preziosi Premium Cashmere

The best cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia. In this region, the extreme temperatures produce the longest staple and finest cashmere fibers on goats who roam this mountainous region freely. Sourcing cashmere fibers of this quality comes at a cost because of such limited supply each year. Zegna's commitment to the finest raw materials produces exceptional fabrics for this collection of cashmere jacketing and overcoats. Plus, a luxury collection of 14 Milmil 14 wool-cashmere blend flannel to be used as trousers. Without hesitation, this is the best fabric we can provide in our Fall-Winter offerings. 


Elegance for formal affairs in a variety of different shades caught in the natural fibers of fabrics. Featuring fabrics from the Trofeo 600, Mohair Trophy, 15 Milmil 15 and Tessitura Di Novara collections, you’ll have the ability to pick the perfect formal garment that ranges from ultra-traditional to fashionably modern.

Jackets & Trousers Summer

Bold and provocative sport coat choices for the warmer months alongside a collection of lightweight worsted-wool staple solids. The Shang collection receives its namesake from shantung, a type of silk that's softer, crisper and flows naturally with retaining great vibrance. Blended into fine Merino wool, these fabrics have an incredible soft hand while retaining visual texture. Also featured are sport coat choices from the famed Traveller collection, bringing wrinkle resistance and durability. Finally, an array of Gaberdine Trofeo wools that offer a very lightweight hand using Superfine Merino wool but in a dense twill weave that drapes incredibly well for suits and trousers alike. 

HUACAYA TWEED Winter Jackets

A novelty collection of soft, warm and fine blend of Superfine wool with alpaca fibers and cashmere. Woven into patterns and sumptuous grounds that resemble a Shetland taste with incredibly soft touch. Perfect for cool-weather sport coats.

High Performance Blazer Winter

Using Australian Superfine wool, these fabrics are woven with crease resistance through high-twist yarns for a crisp appearance. These hopsacks feature classic blazer colors as well as autumnal hues. Match with Cashco cotton-cashmere fabric for trousers for the ultimate refined casual look.

Trofeo Cashmere Winter Jackets

Classic herringbones and muted plaids and checks in a warm flannel woven from carded yarns that use Trofeo-quality wool fibers with cashmere for enhanced softness and insulation.

Blazer Summer

For a range of uses in the warmer weather, this collection of open-weave hopsacks and herringbones are designed for both business and leisure making them incredibly versatile. Using Cool Effect technology to absorb fewer sun rays and enhanced breathability. Also included are a range of wool-silk-linen trousers that work for a resort-inspired color palette to compliment these blazers.

Winter Cottons Plains & Corduroy

A collection for casual comfort without sacrificing quality. This set features cotton taken to new depths with saturated tones in corduroy, moleskin, heavy drill twills and intriguing velvet. A simple touch of elastane gives the cotton some recovery and easy stretch. Worn alongside sport coats or with knitwear for the cool seasons -- or as a full suit for the most daring. 

Trofeo Winter Jackets

Using Superfine Australian merino wool, these jacketing fabrics combine classic houndstooth and glen plaid patterns in a soft flannel in seasonally tonal colors. Zegna also provides a new innovation with a denim weave woven in wool (not cotton) for trousers to pair with these jackets for an incredible drape.