Lanificio Loro Piana

The Finest & Most Luxurious Fibers in the World 

Browse our Loro Piana collection online or during your appointment. Existing clients may purchase remotely. All Loro Piana suiting comes with our handmade construction.

Proposte Abiti spring-summer 2018

The seasonal suiting collection from Loro Piana provides ultralightweight fabrics with open weaves with light textures to build your wardrobe for the warm seasons. Going as lightweight as 170gr and even including wool fibers graded at Super 170s, these seasonal propositions from the famed Italian mill provide unique fabrics with limited availability. 

Proposte Giacche spring-summer 2018

An exciting seasonal collection of what Loro Piana's mill produces for jacketing in warm climates. Most of these fabrics contain blends of wool-silk-linen for that combine together for a good drape, high breathability, and visual texture. Solids, plaids and windowpanes are available in either bold tones for the adventurous or subtle ranges for those wanting something more subdued. And for those who want superb luxury, take note of the 52-48 silk-cashmere blends with a remarkably soft hand and light weight.


Described simply, the Loro Piana Zenit collection encompasses the best available natural fibers that can be sourced in the entire world. Using the rarest fiber of all, vicuna, along side Super 200s merino wool, cashmere from Inner Mongolia, chinchilla fur and Irish linen, you can expect nothing short of the most exclusive fabric swatches. We are proud to make this collection available to clients that represents unparalleled quality and the pinnacle of luxury.  


This bunch of Super 150s wool presents a comfortable and versatile fabric range, perfect for all-climate wear throughout the seasons. Milled from merino wool no larger than 16 microns in diameter, its namesake comes from the Tasmanian island, south of Australia where it is sourced directly from sheep whose fleece produces unique properties of warmth, lightness and resistance.


Woven from the same fibers as the original Tasmanian collection, this seasonal bunch is heavier for the cooler months (340gr/m versus 250gr/m). The specialized milling techniques combined with the fine fibers produces a cloth that drapes exceptionally but also provides warmth and breathability.

Wish Super 170s Tropical Wool

Made with wool fibers comparable to the highest-quality Mongolian cashmere, this collection of superfine merino wool graded to Super 170s represents a refined and discreet feel in contemporary suiting patterns in a 230gr/m weave. And the addition of mouline yarns -- a type of yarn that twists together fibers of multiple colors -- creates a unique appearance not often found in suiting. 


Created for those who want to go beyond the typical tuxedo or dinner jacket and are inspired by the finest wools, kid mohair, velvet and silk. Look no further for a collection of Loro Piana's impeccable fabrics to wear to your next black-tie affair.


Starting with wool from New Zealand that undergoes sophisticated production techniques, these fabrics are tougher than average suiting fabrics that overperform in tensile strength and tear resistance tests making them a surefire travel suit. Woven tightly with the highest number of yarns in warp and weft directions and undergoing proprietary Rain System treatment to repel water, dust and dirt, these fabrics combine luxury and sport.

Four Seasons Super 130s

This collection of Super 130s wool fabrics combines traditional elegance with the highest degree of wearability and has been specially designed to be worn all year round anywhere in the world. It’s perfect to be made into practical and comfortable suits for daywear and ideal for the man who demands versatility and comfort without sacrificing style.


Opting for "crisp" textures and hand feel instead of smoothness and softness, this collection is actually subdivided into four types of fabric. The first, an open-weave "fresco" style wool that allows breathability and impressive wrinkle resistance made from New Zealand merino. The second and third, travel-focused wools in light-weight solids and dry-hand finishes. Finally, a collection of fabrics blended with the finest kid mohair that features a bit of natural sheen that's perfect for dinner suits.

Travel Line

A collection specifically designed for the busy, modern lifestyle of the business traveller. These fabrics are supremely practical, easy to care for and have a great amount of breathability. The fabrics have been treated to enhance performance with a natural stretch and wrinkle resistance to help your suit retain their original look over time.


This specialized collection of year-round weight fabrics are designed with the travelling businessman in mind. Woven from pure New Zealand Merino Wool to be wrinkle resistant and lightweight, this hard-wearing bunch has performance in mind for the rigor of travel in mind to maintain elegance on the go.

Wool & Cashmere Flannels

A winter fabric group of timeless flannels, which are blended with cashmere for use as suits, trousers or sport coats that give fantastic drape. Featuring a mixture of solids, plaids, melanges and stripes.


For summer wear, a collection of cottons, linens and silks take center stage with diverse designs and textures for suits, jackets and trousers. Seersucker made from Super 150s wool and silk. Wool-silk-linen blends that combine drape, breathability and texture. Cotton-wool-silk blends that give elegance to an otherwise casual cloth. Linen-silk blends with a dry hand in vibrant hues for resortwear. All great sources of warm-weather inspiration.


Woven from Super 130s merino wool, this collection features small and large checks, colorful Prince-of-Wales designs, textured solids and windowpanes all designed for the sport coat to match a wide variety of tastes and occasions.

Jackets & Denim

Combining two modern loves -- fall jackets and denim -- into a collection that praises color and texture together. The Dream Tweed jacketings made from extrafine wool has the appearance of traditional tweed but none of the itchiness. Sweet Felt produced from extrafine New Zealand wool provides solid flannels in heathered rich tones. Favola combines wool and cashmere into a textured basketweave of solids with tonal variety up close. And Pure Cashmere offers windowpanes and solids that have the softness you’ve come to expect from Loro Piana’s mills. Finally, Denim Flower brings colors unseen before to your jeans beyond just “blue”.