Navy Blue Suit

This darker shade of blue, navy blue, came into popularity because of the armed forces service after which it’s named. Since 1748, the British Royal Navy wore navy blue as part of its uniform and the color has leapt from sailors to the civilians to be the most ubiquitous color of suiting to this day. While the color was originally called “marine blue”, the term navy blue has been more popular. While todays suits often look nothing like the past naval uniforms of Her Majesty’s Fleet, there is something distinctly comforting in this color and its uniformity in the suiting world. It’s an easy color to wear and the darker tone hides any spills and stains quite easily until you can get it dry cleaned. Plus, it’s an ideal color to pair shirts and ties without much effort.

Hall Madden offers a wide variety of navy blue suits, sometimes a dozen within a single fabric collection. Browse our fabrics to see our selection.