Proper Suit Rebrands to Hall Madden

In 2009 McGregor Madden and I had a goal to make you the best custom suit in the simplest and most informative way possible. Thousands of clients later, we realize that this platform of simplicity and expertise should apply to all menswear products. Welcome to Hall Madden, your menswear solution.

Proper Suit clients can still order anytime; your measurements are safely saved.

Several Products we are Excited About for 2017


After being asked by virtually every groom and businessman where to go to find timeless, well-made shoes at a fair price, we've finally gone and done our own. We’ll have three tiers of dress shoes, each made in Italy.

Launching February 2017

Ready Made Suits

The complaints we've heard about off-the-rack suits are immeasurable. From fit, to fabric, to price, we have especially heard this from grooms who are looking for affordable options for groomsmen. We've taken our years of experience in the suiting industry to come up with the greatest off-the-rack suiting solution.

Launching March 2017

Custom Shirts

Our most-requested addition is finally coming. We’ll be using a template-based approach for our shirts similar to our suits and using the same AutoCAD technology to create the best fitting shirts possible. Merge that with the best cotton in the world and you've got a win-win. Custom shirts will start at $150 and must be purchased in quantities of 4. 

Launching April 2017