The Future of the Groomsmen Menswear Market

Grooms discuss the big problems with all 3 major competitors in the wedding market.

  1. Online Made-to-Measure - or as we call it ‘Do It Yourself’ custom. It’s a pain for groomsmen to submit measurements without using a representative tailor. We hear stories of unwearable suits that lead to remakes and missed wearing dates. This frustration kills the industry because custom-work requires old-school expertise that no fit algorithm can replace.

  2. Off-The-Rack - Antiquated method with so many limitations to fabric, styling and sizing. It’s common that one shop may not have a close size available and that makes matching impossible. These are the groomsmen suits that get bought in a rush, worn once and end up in a landfill.

  3. Rentals - Most people realize that after their first or second rental that they are the worst deal: ill fitting, lack of fabric and styles, and you have to wear a garment that’s been worn by someone else. You don’t even get to keep anything after spending hundreds of dollars and time ordering and going through all of the shipping.

Wedding clients agree that the most important things they need for their wedding look are simple - price and style. They need the men to match and have a correct fit for photos. If a groomsmen is expected to pay for his own suit, he’ll expect to wear it again for future events as well. If the groom is covering the cost they need to be more budget conscience due to the general high cost of the wedding as a whole.

While most clients would love to suit up all their groomsmen in Hall Madden custom clothing, it can often be cost prohibitive and logistically difficult to do so.

The Hall Madden Groomsmen Service offers our template sizing in super slim, slim and classic with short, regular and long jacket and trouser sizing. We will line up the lengths of the sleeves and trouser hem on the house. You can pick your fabric, liner, buttons, jacket styling and even monogramming. Jackets are half-canvased construction and made with Italian Wool. Groomsmen will need to be fit in person at one of our 8 studios nationwide, or in a pinch we can work off other measurements or do a traveling tailor fitting.

The best part is our pricing: just $500 per suit with a minimum order of 3 groomsmen along with the purchase of a full custom made-to-measure groom’s suit. The package includes a Hall Madden white dress shirt, luxury wooden hanger and garment bag.

A Hall Madden Groomsmen Service Wedding

A Hall Madden Groomsmen Service Wedding

So what class of garment is this? In industry terms, this is known as custom “made-to-order”, where we make jackets, shirts, trousers and vests in ready-made sizes without any of the fit customizations that we do in our full fledged “made-to-measure” service. But with our service we will go further and make sure all lengths (sleeve, jacket, pant lengths) are correct with a large amount of different template sizings available.

When the made-to-order groomsman suit is completed and the client wants to take his garments elsewhere for alterations, the suits will have enough inlay to allow for it. While not nearly as exacting as our made-to-measure service, we’re confident your groomsmen will look better than if they’d gone elsewhere. You’ll have more style options for them too.

If a groomsmen prefers to upgrade to our standard made-to-measure or premium bespoke service we can perform this service during their fitting. As we grow we will go to market with a custom made-to-order service

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