Shirt Box 2 2019

LT 55 56 57.jpg


We took the classic pattern and blew it up to a bolder woven shirt. Think of it as the shirt you wear when you’re not wearing a tie with a suit. The robust fabric also has a wrinkle-resistant weave. Wear it with grey and blue suits alike.


We found the heaviest oxford cloth fabric we could find for this shirt because we know when it comes to oxford cloth it’ll only get softer over time. While we got rid of the classic button-down collar, we did include a pocket as a nod to this Ivy-League era staple. And pink works great as a shirt to give your face some color — we think it’s a great shirt to wear to Sunday brunch.


We’re always looking for fabrics that have an interesting texture and definitely found it in this cloth. Subtle variations in the yarns give a melange effect that shows off the texture as well. And with warmer weather coming up, who doesn’t want a blue shirt that’s a bit happier in tone, too?

Styles are designed personally by founders Richard Hall and McGregor Madden. Quarterly subscribers receive a box of 3 dress shirts that fit great and are both office and casual appropriate.