Jon & Jason in Loro Piana Winter Tasmanian Sharkskin Bespoke Suits

Brian D. in Custom Midnight Navy Tuxedo

Marcus L. in Custom Dinner Jacket and Trousers

Brickell, Miami Fitting Studio Featuring Founder McGregor J. Madden


Our Seventh Fit Studio Opens September 10th and is being led by Hall Madden Co-Founder McGregor J. Madden. After successfully launching the New York and San Francisco fit studios; Hall Madden is primed to take over South Florida's Custom Made-to-Measure Suit and Shirt market. 


Custom Shirts and Suits Miami

Lead Fit Specialist McGregor J. Madden (pictured)


Aaron J. in custom Loro Piana Tuxedo

Groom in Custom Loro Piana Tasmanian 3P

Tom S. in Custom Black VBC Tuxedo and Custom Thomas Mason Tuxedo Shirt