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Bespoke Vitale Barberis Canonico Chalk Stripe Gray Winter Flannel


Bespoke Design Details by Hall Madden

Take a look at a few design details not often found on your basic Made-To-Measure garment.


Introducing : The Traveling Tailor

Traveling Tailor : A service for clients who cannot come see us in-person or do not reside near a fit studio. Hall Madden will travel to nationwide locations.

Jon & Jason in Loro Piana Winter Tasmanian Sharkskin Bespoke Suits

Loro Piana Proposte Abiti & Giacche FW 18

Loro Piana Proposte Giacche FW18

Loro Piana Proposte Abiti FW18

Custom Emerald Green Blazer and Suit

A surprisingly frequent request from new Hall Madden clients is an emerald green suit or blazer. While most suiting and jacketing fabrics are shades of grey, blue and brown, green — especially in an emerald jewel tone — is quite uncommon from fabric mills.

A Chicago client, David R., liked this Super 120s birdseye wool fabric from Pallazo. This italian emerald green wool is year-round in weight (220g/m) and has a slight bit of texture to give it some shine. It’s slightly brighter than the famous Master’s Golf Tournament green jacket.

For design, the emerald jacket has a peak lapel, two-button closure with horn buttons, and slanted “hacking” flap pockets and a ticket pocket with dual rear vents. As an emerald green blazer, David has a wide range of options on how to wear it with Hall Madden custom dress shirts.

First, with a crisp white French-cuffed shirt and glen-plaid grey odd trousers for a more dressed-up look, finished off with a white linen pocket square.

Next, David wears the emerald green blazer jacket with a dark-navy, wide-striped dress shirt and white denim and a navy dotted silk pocket square.

Finally, for the most casual look, the emerald green blazer is worn with a light blue shirt and dark denim blue jeans.

We also envision that as a full suit in emerald green, this fabric could be paired quite easily with a lavender shirt or even a black merino polo turtleneck sweater.

Available as a blazer ($1150) or full suit ($1400) custom-made by Hall Madden.

Brickell, Miami Fitting Studio Featuring Founder McGregor J. Madden


Our Seventh Fit Studio Opens September 10th and is being led by Hall Madden Co-Founder McGregor J. Madden. After successfully launching the New York and San Francisco fit studios; Hall Madden is primed to take over South Florida's Custom Made-to-Measure Suit and Shirt market. 


Custom Shirts and Suits Miami

Lead Fit Specialist McGregor J. Madden (pictured)


Loro Piana Pecora Nera Fabrics - Black Sheep Merino Wool

If you have ever wondered where the term “black sheep” comes from, then you might be surprised to know it actually relates to some of the finest wool fibers used in suiting. 

If you have ever wondered where the term “black sheep” comes from, then you might be surprised to know it actually relates to some of the finest wool fibers used in suiting. 

Flocks of sheep were not the white fluffy animals we typically think of today. Instead, sheep were predominately the darker “black” color with a few genetic outliers that were white. 

Once wool fibers began to be used in clothing, it was discovered that the fleece from white sheep could be easily dyed to take on a wide variety of hues. This led to the selective breeding of sheep to create flocks that were predominately white, while fleeces from black sheep were discarded. Hence the popularity of the term “black sheep” regarding an unwanted animal.

This “black” wool hasn’t been used — let alone bred — for production. While these fibers aren't truly "black," they are a range of darker browns that are difficult to dye. With prized merino flocks being sought after in white wool that can be dyed, the diversity of black flocks diminished greatly until Loro Piana decided to re-breed an exclusive black flock in New Zealand. 

Loro Piana is the exclusive producer of black merino from New Zealand and has worked with a farmer to raise these black sheep in a unique flock that’s brought back the incredible richness of these natural fibers that haven’t been available in this level of quality. 

Three categories of fabrics are available at Hall Madden for garments. These fabrics are all completely undyed, using only the natural color of the fleece available. Colors range from a natural “cream” tone to a hearty dark chocolate brown. Fabrics in collections of suiting, blazers and overcoats are available and we love their unique and earthy tones. 

First, suiting in open-weave “fresco” style wools with great crease resistance and a dry hand. Plus a series of wonderful rich flannels. Especially of note are the patterned “fresco” weaves — which are quite rare to find — in houndstooth and windowpane. 

The blazers mix melange and boucle style weaves into heavier fall-winter weights and also year-round weights that would be business-casual appropriate. 

Finally, the overcoats bring a luxurious drape to these natural merinos. While the doeskin brushed fabrics offer a rich hand, the oversized herringbone and houndstooth patterns would make ideal “statement” overcoats for the colder weather. 

To see these swatches, we’ve posted them online in galleries for suiting, blazers and overcoats and also have them at our fit studio locations for you to view in person to commission your next garment with us. We think you’ll enjoy wearing these unique fabrics. 


An Interview with Washington DC's Lead Fit Specialist Claire Butler


Washington, D.C.'s Best Menswear Designer

an interview with Claire Butler, Washington, D.C.'s Lead Fit Specialist 

What’s your background in menswear?

My experience in menswear began with my tenure at Polo Ralph Lauren. During my 6 years with the company, I worked on Blue Label and Black Label brands for product categories including woven shirts, roughwear and outerwear. Working for such a large and iconic company, gave me the opportunity to experience textile sourcing and production from all over Europe and Asia. The design and quality driven brand principles were embodied in the artisanal development of beautiful and luxurious raw materials.  

What are some common mistakes guys make when selecting a suit in terms of fit?

I find that a lot of younger men want to be on trend with a slimmer, more modern cut in their suits. The mistakes becomes evident when the cut is too extreme. They lose the timeless appeal of the suit and cross over into wearing a suit that simply is too tight and too small for their body.  


What are some of your favorite fabrics for suits?

Any fabric with cashmere! Even the smallest percentage of cashmere blended into a fabric instantly elevates the elegance factor.  Cashmere is lightweight, breathable, warm and creates a lush hand feel for any garment. 

What are three key tailored clothing pieces that should be in a guy’s wardrobe besides the classic dark worsted wool suit?

First, a great fitting navy blazer is a versatility piece for any man's wardrobe. Wear it with jeans, chinos, or grey trousers for a more casual day at the office or weekend wear. It's a garment any guy will go to grab out of his closet time and time again. 

Next, a beautifully tailored white shirt. A white shirt can be worn as a separate for more casual wear or under any color suit. Well tailored shirts always enhance the look and fit of a suit jacket, while also maintaining a polished silhouette when a man removes his jacket.


Finally, for a colder climate like D.C., a classic and well-fitting overcoat is essential. An overcoat constructed from quality materials, such as cashmere or alpaca, will withstand harsh elements and frequent wear. It is the piece that encompasses fit, style and functionality to complete his look during colder months. 

Why Hall Madden?

A team of truly knowledgeable and supportive people who strive to make all our clients look and feel amazing. Hall Madden is a company with office locations in major cities across the country, yet the culture is that of a close and encouraging family. It is truly a unique and wonderful experience. I also took this position very seriously because of the year long training I undertook and the apprenticing factor. 

What’s your thoughts on men’s style in DC?

The general style of D.C. men is classic and understated. The color palettes are more muted and reserved. The men of D.C. do put an emphasis on their style and outward appearance; they want to look good. Classic, yet refined is what D.C. men's style is all about. 

To learn more about the Washington DC fit studio or Book a fitting please visit our DC page. 

Washington, D.C.’s Custom Menswear Solution

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.10.13 PM.png

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Custom men’s clothier Hall Madden expands its private appointment services to its sixth national fitting location and opens at 1608 20th Street, 4th floor in the heart of D.C.’s Dupont Circle district on March 1, 2018.

Leading the new Hall Madden fit studio, Claire Butler has an extensive background in fabrics expertise working for companies such as Ralph Lauren and Nike in their fabrics department. Like Claire, all Hall Madden fit specialists use their fashion expertise to guide clients in their style and design choices.

“Washington, D.C. has always been an obvious choice for us after many successful trunk shows. We are excited to finally offer the Hall Madden experience that our clients in the D.C. area deserve,” Co-Founder McGregor Madden said.

Hall Madden began revolutionizing the menswear industry since its launch in 2010, with locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Portland. Hall Madden custom designs massively reduce waste with no off-the-rack options, unlike their fast-fashion and traditional competitors, allowing the brand to provide clients with garments at a much lower cost than traditional off-the-rack luxury. Perfecting each suit with a three-step fitting process, clients leave with one-of-a-kind pieces that will last a lifetime.


About Hall Madden

Hall Madden provides its clientele with custom-made suits, tuxedos, shirts and blazers with a perfect fit guarantee as the nation’s best custom-clothing company for men. All appointments are private, one-on-one consultations to provide personalized service to each client.

Hall Madden uses fabrics from premiere Italian luxury mills, including Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna and Vitale Barberis Canonico. Suits are available in 5-7 weeks and clients have an array of customizable options to make it their own unique piece, with a fit designed specifically for them.

Tailors Richard Hall & McGregor Madden

Tailors Richard Hall & McGregor Madden