Pinstripe Suit

Nothing says “business” like a pinstripe suit. While the pinstripe suit gained quite a bit of notoriety during the Prohibition Era and its association with mobsters — later immortalized on the silver screen — its history actually goes back to England and trousers. Before what we know as the suit today was worn commonly, men — notably bankers — would wear what’s know as “morning dress,” which consists of a plain charcoal, grey, or black “morning” long jacket and waistcoat with pinstriped trousers. Each bank had its own special pinstripe fabric and its employees wore trousers made from it. As the popularity of the morning suit faded, the lounge suit (aka, what we know as the suit today) rose in stature and pinstripes were taken from just trousers to the entire suit cut from the same cloth. Today, many types of pinstripe cloth is available to choose from. From narrow stripes to wide stripes. From thin “pin head” stripes to rope stripes to the classic chalkstripe on flannel. While typically found on “city” colored cloth of greys and blues, stripes occasionally can be found on browns and tans, too. We recommend keeping the striped suit for business, however, and avoiding wearing it to social events.

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