Sports Jacket

What makes a “Sports Jacket” (or “Sport Coat”) different than a suit jacket? Or what about a blazer? The answer is quite simple. Sport jackets are typically made from materials that would not make good suits. And blazers can be considered a subset of sport jackets. Sport jacket fabrics are typically heavier or lighter than normal suiting wools and often are blended with fibers like linen, silk, cashmere, polyester, alpaca, etc. They also tend to feature bolder patterns and colors and can have more texture instead of being “flat”. All these elements make them more casual and better for an odd jacket than an entire suit. Also, sport jacket fabrics can be more delicate than suiting fabrics — i.e.: such fabrics would wear out quickly as trousers due to stress. Blazers tend to be solid in color and more plain in weave — the most common colors being navy, black and camel. Often they’ll feature brass buttons or perhaps leather covered buttons. They’re slightly more formal in nature than a common sport coat and can be considered one step below suits. We love sport jackets at Hall Madden because it’s where clients can truly express themselves creatively through fabric that matches their personality. A business casual sport coat can be a worsted wool in a more subdued plaid easily paired with any shade of grey trouser. A resortwear sport jacket can have more heavy textures from linen and raw silk with an open weave to allow airflow and bolder colors and patterns. For fall-winter, tweed, flannel and cashmere sport coats can offer warmth in muted autumnal earthy tones and yet have exciting patterns.

We recommend taking a look at Loro Piana’s Jackets collection for business-appropriate attire, Sopra Visso for tweeds, and the current Giacche collection for seasonal offerings. Also, take a look at what blazers Hall Madden clients have commissioned with us.