Perennial Classics

This Super 110s range is VBC’s global, best-selling quality that combines traditional style and elegance with a unique degree of wearability. The cloths from this range are textured in such a way to make them suitable for year-round wear and are woven in timeless classic designs. $950 to $1150

Perennial Solids

A permanent collection of solid twills, woven using Super 110s fibers. Nearly every color imaginable is in here, giving you a wide range to pick from. Perfect for suits and trousers alike.


This Super 150s range is made entirely from 16.2 micron wool, which can only be produced from just a handful of regions in Australia. It’s a result of strict breeding of sheep that are kept in excellent health and protected from environmental pollution. Only 11,000 bales of this wool are offered seasonally, of which VBC is the largest buyer. $1400 to $1650

Sunny Season Classics

Lightweight cloth for the warmer season. High-twist for a crisp finish and airy hand. This tropical weight collection is perfect for the humid temperatures of summer. Also features blends of wool and mohair for an extra sheen that captures the light in a melange finish.

Sport Jackets

A collection of hopsack, donegal, checks and more.