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Shopping for dress shirts is time consuming and expensive.  Bypass traditional retail markups and hassle by auto-receiving a box of 3 dress shirts when you need them

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Curated Style

Look great, without the work.  Our limited-edition shirts are unique, made in small quantities and only available to our members.  Cancel or upgrade your subscription anytime.

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Luxury Retail without the Markup

  • Imported Cottons
    Our dress shirts are constructed from the finest imported woven cotton for a soft hand feel.  
  • Single Needle Stitching
    Single needle stitching is a hallmark of high end dress shirting and provides a cleaner look and stronger seam.
  • Canvassed interlining collars
    Our collars remain standing and looking great under a blazer or sweater.
  • Mother of Pearl Buttons
    Genuine stacked mother of pearl buttons provide a richer finish than the plastic alternative.
  • Lowered Second Button
    This lowered second button stance creates the perfect V at the neckline
Our company pulls the same high-end cotton as reputable brands like Burberry and Hugo Boss, but includes additional luxury details many neglect.
— Richard Hall

Hall&Madden is your dress shirt solution.

Terms & Conditions


Free Shipping  - we only sell to customers within the United States

Free Exchanges - if you need to swap sizes please contact and we will provide a free fedex shipping label on your first box.


Future Boxes - future dress shirts depend on that month's short-run shirting production. 

Returns - we accept returns in an unworn state 15 business days after delivery.

How can we offer three high-quality dress shirts for $150?

By keeping all your money in the shirt.

Hall&Madden's dress shirts are of the highest quality — crafted on the same production lines as the $135+ per shirt you see in high end retail. Yet, we sell our dress shirts at a fraction of the price. How do we do it?


#1 We Sell Directly to You

Our web-based sales approach allows you to bypass middlemen and the 4x markup of traditional retail.

#2 Accurate Forecasting

Subscriptions allow us to accurately forecast demand so you don't subsidize the cost of unsold product.

#3 Economies of Scale Savings

Bundling your shirts in sets of three decreases the shipping cost per shirt.

Many men struggle to find a go-to brand that fits them well.  

By basing your size on multiple factors, not just your neck and sleeve, we are able to get you a shirt that fits you the way you want, guaranteed.

Slim Cut

Narrow chest and waist for a slim modern fit. 

Athletic Cut

Broad chest and tapered waist for a handsome fit.

Classic Cut

Comfortable chest and waist for a great fit.