Custom 2-piece suits start at $950, tuxedos at $1050, trousers at $250, sport coats at $750 and shirts at $150. Pricing is determined by fabric collection and all design options and alterations are included. 


We offer all new clients a complimentary “test suit” or “test shirt” to perfect the fit before we make the final garment, which you can learn more in detail here. Your appointment will be a private, one-on-one session. 


We welcome all to try our custom bespoke made-to-measure garments. We can fit all genders, shapes and sizes.


Sorry. We do not perform this service.


New clients should plan on a timeline of 8 weeks from the first appointment to final pickup. Returning clients with a pattern on file can plan on a timeline of 3-4 weeks.

If you have a specific wearing date and it is less than 8 weeks, we can make no guarantees that it will be ready. We reserve the right to not take on orders if they are outside of this timeline. We will not risk our reputation by missing a client’s deadline, so please plan accordingly.

The initial appointment takes 1 hour and the second fitting is 15-20 minutes.


The job of the fit specialist is to earn your long term business and referrals. We are going to do what it takes to earn your business and make sure you are happy to wear your suit. 

When you commission a garment with us, you are committing to our company and working with us in partnership to produce your order. With that said, we do not offer refunds on any custom orders as these are one-off custom garments that cannot be resold. If something isn’t right, we will fix it. It is as simple as that.


All of our jackets are made using full-canvas construction. Our fabrics come from established Italian-heritage mills we source directly. 


We can make garments to the client's liking, however, we specialize in a timeless style that emphasizes clean drape. This means a roomier chest, tapered waist, lower button stance, and higher armholes. 


Further Frequently Asked Questions 


Our entry-level, $950 suit: The collection is from Vitale Barberis Canonico's Perennial Super 110s, which are suitable for typical business suits. Made from pure wool in a year-round weight, this is a good starting point for clients who need a workhorse suit. We also recommend these fabrics for building up a wardrobe of trousers, too. 

Other items: For new clients, waistcoats start at $500. New clients interested in trousers, those start at $250/pair with a required minimum order of three pairs. Shirts begin at $250 for one or a package of 4 for $600.   

Levels of service: While our service is categorized as “made to measure”, we go an extra step and offer every new client a complimentary “test suit” before cutting the final suit. We do this to ensure a perfect fit that needs little and often zero alterations. Learn more about these services here. 

Leveling up for special events & weddings: Most grooms prefer a more refined fabric that has increased softness and luster. For this purpose, our suggestions begin with VBC's Super 150s "Revenge" range ($1400) that offers a superior value in wool suiting that comes in twills, sharkskins, herringbones, birdseyes and more. 

Luxury fabric mills: Clients who demand the most elegant fabrics can consult our collections from Ermenegildo Zegna ($1750+) and Loro Piana ($2200+). Sourcing the best raw fibers in the world from Australia, New Zealand, inner Mongolia and elsewhere, these fabrics present the ne plus ultra of combining superfine merino wool, silk and cashmere in suiting and jacketing. 

And there's more: Suits using Zegna or Loro Piana cloth also receive gratis hand-sewn construction. One of our biggest advantages is that we can provide the same luxury fabrics from these brands and craft you a custom-made garment at a fraction of the cost of what the same brands would charge for an off-the-rack fit. 

What's included: We don't nickel and dime you. No surprise upcharges because you picked a certain button. All alterations are included -- and we don't make you do the legwork of running to a tailor for them. And we also provide you with a sturdy, wide-end hanger and garment bag for your suit to keep it in tip-top shape. For trunk show clients we also provide free shipping. 

What's not included: We don't provide free alterations for life. If you'd prefer not to pickup your garment at our studio after alterations and want us to ship it to you via FEDEX, we can do so for $40. 

What about ready-to-wear?: We are not doing "ready-to-wear" suits at this time. We've decided to focus on custom-made garments.

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are available at All gift card sales are final and non-transferrable.



First looks: Your fit specialist will make garment observations using traditional methodology on what adjustments are needed for your size, posture and comfort. 

Making it fit you: These changes are then made digitally to create a modified custom pattern unique to you that's laser-cut at our factory and sewn. 

Your second fitting: Upon completion of the suit 3-4 weeks later, you will come in and try it on withe same fit specialist and final adjustments will be made. Alterations are done locally and take about a week. 

Future orders: All changes to your pattern are saved electronically on file along with a complete order history. Need a tuxedo, a blazer or just trousers in the future? Next time, just pick the fabrics and design. 

Weight changes? No worries: If you need to be re-fit in the future after losing or gaining some weight, then it's not a problem. Just bring in your last suit we made for you and we'll see what adjustments are needed for your next one. And while we don’t provide free alterations for life, we will take your old garments and refit them (when possible) and only charge you the cost of the alterations needed. Contact your fit specialist to learn more.


Wedding groomsmen groups: Want to schedule a block of time to get your groomsmen all fitted? Are your groomsmen scattered across the country? No problem, we can coordinate fitting them at our various fit studios and during trunk shows. Please plan ahead early. An ideal amount of time would be 3 months and we'll help organize everyone. Click here to learn about our groomsmen service.

Traveling Tailor

Office & home visits: We are happy to schedule visits to a client's office or home to suit up multiple people thru our Traveling Tailor service. We do require a group minimum commitment of $5,000. This will allow us to visit anywhere within the United States and provide two fittings. Click here to learn more about our Traveling Tailor service.


City visits: Throughout the year, we arrange trunk shows in nearly 20 cities nationwide. To see if we will be coming to your city in the future, please visit our Trunk Show page and sign up. We will reach out to confirm dates with you.



Missed appointments: We get it, life happens sometimes. But if you miss your second appointment for either your first fitting or a second fitting, you may incur a fee if 24 hours notice isn't received. Please avoid the "no call, no show" scenario and respect your fit specialist's time. 

Plan ahead: Our typical process takes 6 to 8 weeks, or around 2 months. If you need your suit for an event or your wedding, then don't procrastinate and don't bring unnecessary stress into our process. 

Rush fee: Need your suit in hand, altered and ready to go in under 8 weeks? We have a non-negotiable rush fee of $200 for first-time clients. We do NOT take orders for clients who need their suits in less than 6 weeks.  

Additionally, we may not be able to do a “test suit” fitting and will skip ahead to just producing the final suit. If there is not enough time to make a “test suit”, the client is responsible for any alteration costs beyond pant hems and sleeve adjustments. In extreme cases, we may not have enough time for alterations to be performed and the client will have to take the garment “as is”.

We reserve the right to turn away rush orders for extreme timelines. This isn’t our preferred way to make suits as it is stressful for everyone and doesn’t allow us the time to make the best garment possible for a client. Please book your appointment early and avoid rush orders.

First fitting expectations: Everyone's time is valuable. It takes about an hour for us to measure and fit you, pick the fabrics and design your garment. If you are unable to make a decision on your own and require the opinion or approval of a fiancée/spouse/BFF, then plan on having them present during your appointment. Don't waste your time by having to schedule a follow-up to come back and look at fabric again.

Second fitting: In about 2-3 weeks your “test suit” will arrive and we'll schedule you for a 15-minute second fitting.

Pickup: After your second fitting, your final garment should arrive 2-3 weeks later and be available for you to pickup. We will notify you once we have it in hand and you’ll be able to book a time to pickup. If in the event additional alterations are needed, we’ll perform them for you. Please allow an additional 5-7 days for alterations.

Future appointments: Returning clients can expect a more streamlined process. Typically only fabric selection and design is needed. And your garments as a returning client will arrive quicker as your pattern is saved. If your body has changed and requires updating your measurements on file, we’ll need you to bring in the last garment we made for you. If you’ve had dramatic body changes, we’ll likely do a completely new fit from scratch as we want the best fit possible.



Full canvas construction: This means there's a horsehair and wool interlining in the jacket's chest that helps give it a shape that molds to your body over time. The more it's worn, the better it'll fit you. The canvas is stitched in and "floats" and is very comfortable and softer than a poorly constructed "fused" or "half-canvased" garment. This comes standard on every suit or jacket we make. 

Fabrics: Our fabrics are sourced from established Italian-heritage mills where we have direct relationships. This includes Vitale Barberis Canonico (the oldest and largest mill in Italy, established in 1663), Lanifico Ermengildo Zegna and Loro Piana. We do not procure these fabrics from wholesalers and have cultivated direct relationships with them to bring the best value to our clientele. 



What type of fit do we offer?: We hesitate to say we do something "traditional" or "ultra-modern" or "slim fit". This is because we know every client has different needs and preferences. One type of cut does not suit all. Instead, we prioritize proper drape and attempt to educate our clients on what this should look like.

What we promote: For most clients, we prefer to emphasize a cut that allows ease of movement where you need it and tapers where it won't affect the drape. Typically, this involves:

  • A roomier chest for comfort

  • A lowered button stance to elongate the torso and prevent buckling at the lapels

  • A tapered waist to emphasize a strong V line and broaden the shoulders visually

  • A higher armhole to give you greater movement

  • A drape in the trouser that allows movement and clean lines

But what if I want a really slim suit?: Sure. We can do that and are happy to provide such a garment, but during the fitting we'll go over how that will affect the suit's drape and potential creasing. We always provide our expert advice and opinion, but leave it to the client to weigh any tradeoffs that may arise.