Vegan Suits

Making a vegan suit is difficult. You must pay attention to the outer fabric, liner, buttons, and even the construction (a part of the jacket that you cannot see). 

How to Make a Vegan Suit


Use only plant based products such as cotton or linen as the base fabric for both the inside and outside of the jacket


Choose from a high quality poly-resin or metal buttons that are derived from man-made materials.


Pay attention to the melton (the fabric underneath the collar), shoulder pad, and canvassing raw material.

Hall Madden Tip: Avoid polyester suiting; although polyester is vegan friendly, it is a material that doesn't breathe or drape well and looks cheap.

Choose from our 3 types of vegan suiting during your one on one appointment


Cotton is great for its breathability and structure; it is the most common vegan suiting we sell. Choose from an array of solid colors. $1150+


Linen provides maximum breathability for hot climates. Some linen-cotton blends are available to make them more wrinkle resistant. $950+

Loro Piana

Loro Piana is the most prized fabric mill in the world. Choose from an array of vegan friendly patterns and colors in California grown cotton. $2000+