Italian Made Dress Shoes


Making a quality shoe is an artisanal skill that is handed down from generation to generation. The best shoemakers are within Italian families in that have been making shoes since the 1900s.


When it comes to longevity and comfort, the shoe's construction is an important factor. The primary indicator of quality comes from how the upper is attached to the sole and a variety of methods are available.


Leather comes from hides - typically cow. Where and how the cow was raised and the area of the cowhide that the leather is cut from determines your shoe's beauty and softness.

Choose from 3 classes of shoes during your one-on-one appointment


The Italian made dress shoe or sockless suede mocassin are great for people starting out in the world of menswear. Uses a Blake Rapid construction. $200


Made from Tuscan leather and a genuine Goodyear welt, these dress shoes offer a premium level of comfort and leather made to age gracefully. $350


For men who need the best. This shoe is skillfully built completely by hand in a small workshop by artisan Italian cordwainers for unsurpassed durability. $550

Hall Madden Tip: Maximize shoe life by giving your shoes a day to rest in-between wears and use cedar shoe trees.

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